Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An intriguing aspect of combining music and art

Got to love the way the music produces those awesome abstract lines. Reminded me of the bfk blind embossing when I saw it the first time. Bent studio's new Director Nando Costa created the band’s new music video in a dark and expressive piece of film-making. Heavily rooted in live-action, the impressive six-minute video includes intense moments of stop motion, visual effects, and motion graphics techniques, all brought to life within the studio’s walls.
The variety and execution of the VFX portions of the video - from yarn reeling into complex patterns to a guitar that plays with no musician attached - strongly evoke the confused and surreal patterns of one’s warped memories. Additional creative touches such as animated and intricate photographic collages and giant CG snails sliding across the band’s stage - add variety and depth to the Bent world. What is your interpretation?

If in case you are interested in more. Modest Mouse collaborated with the late Heath Ledger to make a video about the illegal poaching of whales. All the concepts were created by Heath but, unfortunately because of his death in 2008 the very end of the video was completed by members of the Los Angeles art collective/producing company. as shown here.

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