Saturday, October 2, 2010

Use to work in a Mental Hospital for criminals

Looks like art to me
However I was not on the receiving end.

Materials: Wood strip; five large razor blades glued into one side; six small razor blades glued into other and wrapped with boxing tape, rubylith and clear tape; handle wrapped with boxing tape.
Backstory: Lifted from the facility’s metal sign shop, this shiv is wrapped in “rubylith” — a red, masking tape classically used in signmaking (and, before the digital revolution, commonly employed by graphic designers in the production of “mechanicals”). Eleven disposable razor blades, available for purchase from Rahway’s commissary back in the 1980s, are carefully inserted down the sides.

Between 1972 and 2008 I was a Psychiatric Technician at Patton State Hospital.
A big part of my job was protecting the patients from each other, and from hurting or killing the staff.
This was an example of just what a patient could make given the common objects found at the hospital.
We had metal spoons like this until 1998.
PrisonWeapons10 Prison Weapons
I remember taking something like this from one of my patients and he was so surprised when I found it under his matress. I asked him why he had it and he said: "There a a lot of really crazy people here . I have to protect my self."

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